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Academic Success Center

The Vulcan Materials Academic Success Center (VMASC) fosters undergraduate student success by creating a supportive environment and delivering academic services that encourage goal achievement and degree completion. Services provided include tutoring, supplemental instruction, academic advising, success advising, workshops and study hours.


The University Writing Center

The University Writing Center is another resource that veterans and dependents can utilize. The University Writing Center helps students with any kind of writing project at any stage of the writing process.


Paying for College –
Financial Aid


Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services promotes self-awareness, self-determination and self-advocacy by providing education to students with disabilities about their rights and responsibilities so they can make informed choices in order to meet or exceed the standards of all students at UAB.


Student Health Services

UAB Student Health Services delivers comprehensive, high quality, confidential, evidence based primary healthcare in an efficient, friendly, and caring manner to students so that they may succeed in their studies and professional lives at UAB and beyond.


Student Counseling Services

Student Counseling Services offers students of all backgrounds, races, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, gender identities, abilities, ethnicities, and cultures a safe place to discuss and resolve issues that interfere with personal and academic goals. We recognize and honor the complex intersectionality of all aspects of a person’s identity and presenting concerns.


GI Bill® School Feedback Tool

If you have an issue or complaint about a school or training facility that’s eligible to receive GI BillR benefits, you can submit feedback to VA. You can submit feedback to us if your school isn’t following the Principles of Excellence guidelines or if you have any other concerns or issues you’d like to raise with us.

You can choose to submit your feedback anonymously or on behalf of someone else. We share all information with the school, but if you submit feedback anonymously we won’t share your name with the school.


Birmingham Vet Center

Birmingham Vet Center welcomes home war veterans with honor by providing quality readjustment counseling in a caring manner. Vet Centers understand and appreciate Veterans' war experiences while assisting them and their family members toward a successful post-war adjustment in or near their community.


Student Responsibilities

This document contains information on the following:

  • Applications for Benefits
  • Change of Address and Direct Deposit
  • eBenefits
  • Student Verification of Enrollment
  • Licensing and Certification Tests
  • National Tests
  • Entitlement Charge for Licensing and Certification Tests and National Tests


Tutorial Assistance Program

Tutorial assistance is available to help you pay for tutoring necessary to advance your education.


Work Study Program

The VA Work-Study Program provides part-time employment to students receiving VA education benefits who attend school three-quarters time or more.


Request Joint Services Transcripts:
Air Force

The Community College of the Air Force is a federally-chartered degree-granting institution that serves the United States Air Force's enlisted total force. The college annually awards over 22,000 associate in applied science degrees from 68 degree programs.



Request Joint Services Transcripts:
Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy: Active Duty, Reserve and Veterans

JST offers online accounts to learning institutions enabling access to service-member’s official transcripts at no cost. The transcript on the web is exactly the same as the transcript you receive in the mail.


Supplemental & Concurrent Enrollments
Enrolling in classes at more than one institution

A student may take courses at more than one institution that apply to his or her degree.

The student's primary institution is the one that grants the degree. VA also will pay benefits for courses taken at secondary institutions.

Supplemental enrollment is when a student is enrolled at a secondary institution. VA will pay for the credits taken at a secondary institution.

Concurrent enrollment is when a student is enrolled at both the primary school and secondary institutions simultaneously. VA will pay for the combined credit, taking overlapping enrollment dates into account.

The School Certifying Official at the primary institution will provide a letter addressed to the Certifying Official at the secondary institution indicating courses that will be accepted as transfer credit that apply to the student’s degree requirements.

Obtain a Transient Letter

To request a “Parent School Letter” to be sent to the secondary School Certifying Official, submit the following information to your UAB School Certifying Official:

Transient Letter
Secondary School Certifying Official contact information (email)

UAB Veterans Services
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

VA Study Abroad Program

Under Chapter 33, VA will pay:

  • Home school’s tuition and fees
  • Books and supplies
  • Monthly housing allowance based on the home school’s address
  • Order for VA to pay any additional fees specific to the Study Abroad program,the Study Abroad option must be required for graduation

VA will not pay:

  • Costs related to travel (airfare, lodging and meals)
  • Third party charges

Schools that charge a flat rate for all charges must be able to break down the amounts charged for tuition, lodging, meals, etc., so that the correct amount can be reported to VA. If the school is unable to provide a breakdown of the charges, no amount should be reported to VA.




Students who already have their own personal insurance coverage have the option to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). For a waiver to be approved, the major medical insurance coverage must meet the criteria below. Students who have their own coverage must submit a waiver through their Patient Portal.

The major medical insurance coverage must meet the following minimum standards:

  • Compliant with federal ACA benefits requirements
  • From an insurance company licensed to conduct business in the U.S.
  • Provide coverage for physicians and hospital providers in the state of Alabama (for a list of Student Health Providers, please click here)
  • Provide both inpatient and outpatient mental health
  • Provide coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • Provide unlimited coverage per illness or injury
  • Provide coverage for all semesters of enrollment

Student Health Services Patient Portal

Students will follow these steps:

  • Log in with BlazerID and Strong Password
  • Input date of birth
  • Select “Insurance Waivers”
  • Select “Proceed”
  • Read the questions and instructions and follow the electronic form

Student Veterans or Dependents can submit their VA Benefits Card or Military ID for processing the insurance waiver.

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