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Heritage Hall building in the background with four UABTeach icons (engineering - three grears, math - Pi symbol, science - microscope, technology - robot arm).

Field Experiences & Apprentice Teaching

Field Experiences with Mentor Teachers

In many of your UABTeach courses you will be out in area schools seeing excellent science and math teaching. You’ll be guided in those observations by UABTeach Mentor Teachers, who have been selected because of their teaching expertise and their commitment to their students’ success in math or science. You’ll see good teaching in all types of schools and across the K-12 spectrum. You’ll know what you’re learning as a UABTeach student works because you’ll see it working with real students in real schools.

Apprentice Teaching

Your UABTeach coursework culminates in Apprentice Teaching, which is our version of student teaching in traditional teacher preparation programs. In your last semester you will teach a half-day in the same classroom to the same students through the whole semester. You’ll have the chance to put into action all you’ve learned, you’ll be guided daily by your Mentor Teacher, and your Master Teachers will be at hand to provide additional support.