Why UAB Teach?

Academic Support

UABTeach has a dedicated Academic Coach on staff who works with you to ensure academic success and completion of certification requirements. Through working with the Academic Coach, you will develop effective study skills, improve time management, navigate coursework and scheduling, develop your resume, and more!


All students entering in the fall will form a cohort. You will move through the program together and will have a designated place in the UABTeach Suite in Heritage Hall.

Induction Support

The first couple of years can be the toughest in a new teacher’s career, but you won’t be alone. After you graduate and get your first teaching job, UABTeach Master Teachers will support you in your first two years. They will be on call for you as you take all that you learned in the program and implement it in your teaching.

Internship Opportunities

What if you could work in a STEM education field as your part time job and learn more about teaching while you make money? If you win an internship slot, you’ll be placed in a local non-profit to serve as an apprentice in their education program. These opportunities are designed to provide up to $1,500 per semester of support. Discover internship opportunities available through UABTeach.

Financial Support

All students receive tuition scholarships for Step 1 and Step 2 courses, and 25-50% of UABTeach students will be supported by UABTeach scholarships and internships in subsequent semesters.

Master Teachers

UABTeach Master Teachers are experienced science and math teachers who know what it's like to teach in Alabama middle and high schools. They will be with you each step of the way as you decide if teaching is right for you.

Multiple Career Paths

When you complete the UABTeach curriculum you'll have a bachelor’s degree in a STEM field and certification as a high school teacher. That means you can go directly into a STEM profession, teaching, or graduate school. Even with all of these options available, 80% of graduates of UTeach programs across the nation are still teaching after five years.