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BY 123 OW - Introductory Biology

Hi! Welcome to my website. 

I'm Sara Robicheaux and I am your SI leader for the summer. I am a neuroscience major with minors in biology and chemistry. Furthermore, I am a fast-track MPH student. 

On this page you will find worksheets and the mock exams. I will post answers to the worksheet within 24 hours of the session. I will post the worksheet sometime in that timeframe as well. Mock exam answers will be posted around 7ish the night before the exam. My email is If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I will most likely get back to you within 24 hours. If I don't, please email me again. Your email may have gotten lost in cyberspace. While we don't have office hours anymore, if you feel you need to make an appointment with me to discuss things in class, email me with times you are available. I will match them with mine and set an appointment. 

Lastly, I want to help all of you do your best in this class. However, I can only help you if I know you need help.There are a lot of resources for you. Besides me, the UAB Academic Success Center (UASC) has FREE (yes, free) tutoring available for you. If you can't make SI times or need something worded in a different way, this may be a great service for you. 

I am really excited for the summer! Good luck! You got this!!!

Exam 4

Chapter 18 Worksheet

 Chapter 18 Worksheet answers

 Chapter 19 and 22 Worksheet

Chapter 19 and 22 answers

Chapter 23 worksheet

Chapter 23 worksheet answers

Chapter 24

Chapter 24 answers


7/31 answers

Mock Exam

Mock Exam Answers