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Welcome to Introductory Biology I with Dr. Biga! I am Marlee Hayes and I will be your SI leader for summer. I am a senior and 5th year master’s student in the Biology Department. My major is Biology with concentrations in Marine Science and Molecular Genetics. My minors are in Environmental Science, Chemistry and Mathematics.  My advice to succeed in BY123 is to study hard and do not fall behind. Ask questions, go to SI and review sessions, and attend class.

Worksheets and mock exams will be posted here before the sessions, so print those out beforehand! Don’t forget to bring your Onecard to swipe in for attendance! Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. Good luck!

Marlee Hayes


Please take a moment to fill out this survey! Link to SI survey:

Mock Exam 4 Key

Mock Exam

Worksheet 12 Key

Worksheet 12

Worksheet 11-Key

Worksheet 11

Mock Exam 3 Key

Mock Exam 3

Worksheet 10 Key

Worksheet 10

Worksheet 9 Key

NOTE: Be sure to remember DNA polymerase is for making DNA from DNA. RNA polymerase is for bulding mRNA from DNA.

Worksheet 9

Blood type problems from lecture

Worksheet 8 Key

Worksheet 8

Worksheet 7 Key

Worksheet 7

Worksheet 6 Key

Worksheet 6

Mock exam 2 Key is posted below. Be sure to check it out. I made a correction about the Rubisco question. I also made some notes for the questions that some seemed to struggle with and it includes a useful link and the chart we talked about. 



Worksheet 5 Key

This is a neat article that talks about the efficiency of plants converting the sun's energy to into usable energy. This is the 1-3% efficiency I was talking about.

Worksheet 5

This is a link to a video that I think is very useful to Cellular Respiration and Oxidation/Reducation Reactions. The second section explains the chemistry vs. the biological approaches to oxidation and how to unite them.

Worksheet #4 Key

Worksheet #4

Worksheet #3 Key

Worksheet #3



Here are some Molarity exapmles: Molarity

Here is a link to a website I found useful to help explain polarity:

Here is a helpful link about biological molecules and functional groups:

 Worksheet #2-Key 

Worksheet  #2

Worksheet #1

Worksheet #1- Key