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Mon-Thu 9 a.m.-7 p.m.
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I hope everyone did great on the last exam! Please have a safe and relaxing summer!!!


My name is David Emerine and I graduated from UAB with a BS in Biology and minor in Chemistry in 2012. Currently, I am a Biology graduate student seeking a master's degree and pursuing medical school. Genetics is very important for the medical field and will serve as a foundation for upper-level Biology classes here at UAB. This class will require intensive study time each night to achieve success on the exams and come out with an understanding of the key concepts (This will be important for anyone seeking graduate or professional school). My goal is to shorten the learning curve and supplement the information Dr. Mukhtar has lectured on. 

-My session will be held Monday and Wednesday in Campbell Hall 396 from 9am-10am. I will have another one hour office time available upon request each week.

-Since this class is M/T/W/R it will not be sufficient to just rely on my sessions as your outside study. Plan on studying a couple of hours every night to cover all necessary material. Each SI session will cover important information from the previous lectures in worksheet format. I will have printed worksheets to hand out at my sessions or if your unable to attend you can view/print them off of this website. The answers for each worksheet will be posted by the next day at the latest. Use these worksheets to study along with the book, powerpoint slides, and class notes. 

-On exam week I will provide a mock exam ~50 questions. I will poll the class in my sessions to find the best scheduled time to cover answers and explanations.

-email me at for any questions