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CH 107 OV - Introductory Chemistry II

Welcome to Introductory Chemistry II with Dr. Jablonsky!

My name is Roxanne Lockhart and I will be your SI leader for this Summer Semester. 

Sessions will begin JUNE 9th in EB 132

Session Times:

Monday 3PM - 4PM

Thursday 9AM-10AM

I will post worksheets as well as answers after sessions.

If you have further questions contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Mock exam III will be held Tuesday July 15th from 4-6 PM IN EB 237!


Exam 1 Material

Worksheet 1 June 9th

Worksheet 2 June 12th - Haloalkanes

Worksheet 3 - June 16th - Alkene Reactions

Worksheet 4 - June 19th - Alcohols and Ethers

Exam 2 Material

Worksheet 5 - June 24th - Oxidation and Reduction

Worksheet 6 - June 26th - Esters

Worksheet 7 - July 1

Exam 3 Material

Worksheet 8 - Fatty Acids

Worksheet 9 - Amines

Worksheet 10 - Amino Acids



Worksheet 1 June 9th 

Worksheet 2 June 12th

Worksheet 3 June 16th

Worksheet 4 June 18th

Worksheet 5 June 24th

Worksheet 6

Worksheet 7

Mock Exams

Please print and bring your own copy to the mock exam session. 

 Mock Exam II

Mock Exam II Answers

Mock Exam III

Mock Exam III Answers - TEST 7/21