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CH 117 OO - General Chemistry II

A quick note: SI is free and voluntary, so you can come into and leave sessions as you need. Also, office hours are not available any longer, but still email me if you have questions or need help.

EXAM 3 FRI (08/01)
Sessions are Tuesdays (11:00-12:30pm) and Fridays (10:00-11:30am) in HB 311.
Keep up with this page for announcements, important dates, worksheets, and answer sheets (scroll down)!


         Welcome to the SI page for CH 117 OO! Just gonna keep my intro short and sweet: my name is Rhiana Simon, and I'm a second-year student majoring in neuroscience while taking some creative writing classes here and there. I'm really looking forward to helping you all out this semester, so if you have any questions, feel free to email me any time (!



          Gen Chem II is a more intensive course than Gen Chem I, not only because the material builds upon the first course, but also because the standardized exam at the semester's end covers material from both classes. To help you learn and consequently prepare for the exam, I will:


  • hold at least two sessions per week for review.
  • provide worksheets and answer sheets for extra practice.
  • schedule a mock exam session and review for each exam week. 
  • likely hand out review sheets and the like.


          I will do my best as an SI leader, but if you find yourself needing extra help, you must consult the professor, work supplementary problems, or contact the University Academic Success Center for some tutoring--free of charge to you! And yes, it can be a drag to take this class especially during the summer, but you gotta push through. Just remember: the resources are here. It's up to you to use them!






           06.11.2014 WS 1   Covers rate law expressions and integrated rate laws

           06.11.2014 WS 1 Answers

           06.15.2014 WS 2   Covers elementary reactions and integrated rate law calculations

           06.15.2014 WS 2 Answers

           06.24.2014 WS 3   Covers making solutions, concentrations, and gen chem I material

           06.24.2014 WS 3 Answers 

           06.27.2014 WS 4   Covers phase diagrams, molality, mole fraction, boiling and freezing points

           06.27.2014 WS 4 Answers  

           07.01.2014 WS 5   Covers the basics of acids and bases

           07.01.2014 WS 5 Answers

           07.18.2014 WS 6   Covers buffers, weak acids, % ionization, etcetera

           07.18.2014 WS 6 Answers  

           07.16.2014 WS 7   Covers thermodynamics

           07.18.2014 WS 7 Answers 

           07.22.2014 WS 8   Covers thermodynamics and basics of redox reactions 

           07.22.2014 WS 8 Answers 

           07.25.2014 WS 9   Covers redox and electrochemistry (does not cover nuclear chemistry)

           07.25.2014 WS 9 Answers 


           MOCK EXAMS

           06.14.2014 Mock Exam 1   Covers kinetics and integrated rate laws

           06.14.2014 Mock Exam 1 Answers

           07.11.2014 Mock Exam 2   Covers acids, bases, and making solutions

           07.11.2014 Mock Exam 2 Answers  

           07.29.2014 Mock Exam 3   Covers thermodynamics and electrochemistry

           07.29.2014 Mock Exam 3 Answers

           08.01.2014 Mock Exam 4   Covers all CH 115 and CH 117 material

           08.01.2014 Mock Exam 4 Answers


           REVIEW SHEETS 

           07.29.2014 ACS Exam Review Sheet


          I'll post worksheets, answersheets, mock exams and answer keys, and review materials in this section. Cheers!