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Perry Griffin

Welcome to the fundamentals of biochemistry!  If you study efficiently and often enough, I am sure you will be successful in this class.  I am going to be uploading worksheets here that will hopefully facilitate studying and I implore you to join me for our SI sessions from 3-4 on Tuesdays and Thursdays in EB 236.  

We will be going over worksheets in our sessions so it is important that you attend the sessions with the worksheets already printed out and completed to the best of your ability.  The session times will be used to answer questions regarding the worksheets and go over the correct answers.  

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 1 Answers

Worksheet 2

Worksheet 2 Answers

Worksheet 3

Worksheet 3 Answers

Worksheet 4 (Lectures 4 & 5)

Worksheet 4 (Lectures 4 & 5) Answers

**Mock Exam 1**

**Mock Exam 1 Ans**

Worksheet 6

Worksheet 6 Answers

Worksheet 7

Worksheet 7 Answers

Worksheet 8

Worksheet 8 Answers

Worksheet 9

Worksheet 9 Answers

Worksheet 10

Worksheet 10 Answers

**Mock Exam 2**

 **Mock Exam 2 Answers**

Worksheet 11

Worksheet 11 Answers

Worksheet 12

Worksheet 12 Answers

Worksheet 13

Worksheet 13 Answers

Worksheet 14

Worksheet 14 Answers

Worksheet 15

Worksheet 15 Answers