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CH 460 OW - Fundamentals of Biochemistry

First Si session Thursday June 5!!!

SI Sessions CH460 Tue/Thur 3pm-4pm


See Blackboard for all Audio lecture recordings, Si Worksheets, and Mock exams!!!



My name is David Emerine and I graduated from UAB with a BS in Biology and minor in Chemistry in 2012. Currently, I am a Biology graduate student seeking a master's degree and pursuing medical school. Biochemistry builds on a foundation from earlier science courses and creates an important link between Biology and Chemistry. This class will be very useful for anyone interested in the Medical Field and pursuing any medical level intrance exam. I am here to help facilitate active learning and supplement material from Dr. Muccio's lectures. My session's will involve going over material in worksheet format and providing a mock exam review session before each test. No weekly office hours are available this summer but I can schedule a 1-hour time each week upon student request. Please email me with any