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My name is Rick Watkins and I will be the SI leader for Physics II this summer.  I have taken Physics I and II here at UAB and work as an undergraduate assistant in the Physics laser lab as well. I will be a junior this upcoming fall and am majoring in Biomedical Engineering.  I am also on a pre-med track. I look forward to working with you all this semester. SI sessions will be held in the Education Building in room 132 from 5:45-7:00 Monday night and 3:45-5:00 Wednesday afternoon.  Be sure to bring your OneCard to sign in and also remeber to print out the worksheet if you would like to have one before you come to SI.  Feel free to email me with any questions at

SI will not begin this week. The first session will be Monday June 8.

Worksheet 1

Answers 1

Worksheet 2

Answers 2

Worksheet 3

The Mock Exam is tomorrow at 3:45 in room EB 132!

Mock Exam 1

Mock Exam Ansers

Worksheet 4

*I will not be able to make it to today's SI. I sent Dr. Harrison an email to be forwarded to the class.  Continue to work on worksheet 4 and I will upload another one for tomorrow's topics before Monday.  We will go over both of them then.

Mock Exam 2

Mock Exam 2 Answers

I have some more problems that will not be on this inital file becauase the questions and answers are on the same page (It's an old exam from a different teacher). I will go over some of the questions in SI and then I will post the file.  Try your best to solve the problem first without looking at the answer even though its on the same page and can be very tempting. It will help!

Mock Exam Part 2 *Work 1-3, 5, and 9

Worksheet 5

We will have a mock exam tomorrow, Monday July 20.  However, I will do something similar to last time and use an old exam.  Since I have the answers already on the same sheet, I will post it right after the mock exam like last time.  

Mock Exam 3 and Answers and Formulas

I will not be able to make it to SI today; however, we will have SI wednesday and we will have a mock exam during Monday's SI session on next week.  See you wednesday.

Worksheet 6

Mock Exam 4

*This only covers the new material, but anything else will be on the previous worksheets and exams.

Also, if you get the chance please fill out this survey!