Associate Professor
Humanities Building 224-B2
(205) 934-4250

Research and Teaching Interests: Composition, American Literature, Drama, Memoir and Autobiography, Women’s Studies, Multi-ethnic Literatures of the United States, Service Learning and Engaged Scholarship

Nichole Lariscy. Office Hours: By appointment


  • BA, Georgia College and State University, English and Theater
  • MA, Northwestern University, English and Theater
  • PhD, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, English

Dr. Nichole Lariscy primarily teaches first year composition and sophomore literature courses. She often teaches these courses as honors courses for the Global Community Leadership Honors Program here at UAB. Many of her courses are service-learning courses that serve particular partners in the Birmingham area. This service often takes the form of storytelling in the communities: both creating creative stories with the community members and gathering their life stories. Dr. Lariscy’s classes then turn these stories into plays that are produced in the communities. She has done this with two communities so far: the elderly patients at the South Highland Adult Day Center and the patients at UAB’s HIV/AIDs clinic, the 1917 Clinic.

Dr. Lariscy mostly teaches her classes as flipped or inverted classrooms where the students produce knowledge through group work, peer feedback, and individual research. Sometimes she will lecture, but her classes are almost always student driven, inquiry based, exciting, dynamic classrooms in which students take a great deal of responsibility in producing advanced learning through active critical thinking, research, and writing.

  • English Composition 101 and 102
  • American Literature I and II
  • Introduction to Literature
  • Introduction to Women’s Literature
  • African American Literature
  • African American Women’s Literature
  • Honors Course: Neurology and the Arts
  • Honors Course: Whiteness Studies
  • “Undetectable,” due for production in Fall 2014, a play about HIV/AIDs based on the life stories of patients from the 1917 Clinic.
  • “A Will Not His Own,” produced in Birmingham in Spring 2013, a play about dementia from the perspective of dementia.
  • Modern Language Association
  • UAB Service Learning Faculty Fellow, 2013-2014
  • UAB, The Edge of Chaos Scholar, 2014-2015