Clinical Trials Day 2023

  • Clinical Trials Day is an annual opportunity to recognize the many individuals who make clinical trials possible and to increase awareness of clinical research achievements and opportunities for collaboration. From those at the bench to those at the bedside, as well as the many who volunteer to take part in clinical studies, these individuals are #advancingdiscovery to bring about improved medical treatments for all.

    This year we look forward to celebrating 2024 Clinical Trials Day in person, hosted by the CCTS, Heersink School of Medicine, and the O'Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center. We hope you'll join us Monday, May 20, 2024, from 7:30-9:30 am in the Wallace Tumor Institute lobby for breakfast, giveaways, and more as we seek to thank all those who make clinical research possible. 

    We encourage you to RSVP below and check back soon for more information on Clinical Trials Day as well as a variety of additional activities related to clinical trials that we have planned throughout the week, from May 20-24, 2024.

  • 2023 Clinical Trials Day

    2022 Clinical Trials Day

    Clinical trials play an important role in furthering our mission of advancing the world’s understanding of disease like cancer. On Clinical Trials Day 2022, Clarence Pouncey shared his story of participating in a clinical trial at the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center at UAB. Watch it here.

    See the 2022 event photos here!

Hosted by the CCTS, Heersink School of Medicine, and O'Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center