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CITP on the Go Podcast

CITP on the Go is a convenient way to participate in the CCTS Clinical Investigator Training Program, an abbreviated training curriculum for clinical investigators and trialists. The program promotes excellence in clinical practice and educates on the research capacities and expertise available to support clinical trials. 


Episode 1: Recruitment and Retention
with Dana Rizk, MD

Episode 2: Obtaining Informed Consent
with Mark Dransfield, MD

Episode 3: Developing a Team and Team Communications
with Lisa Jackson, MD

Episode 4: Role and Responsibilities of a Principal Investigator
with David Kimberlin, MD

Episode 5: ClinicalTrials.gov: 
Getting Started, Protocol ID and Identifying PI

Episode 6: ClinicalTrials.gov: 
Arms and Interventions

Episode 7: ClinicalTrials.gov: 
Study Status

Episode 8: ClinicalTrials.gov: 
Outcome Measures

 Episode 9: ClinicalTrials.gov: 
Successful Sign-off


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