The CCTS is pleased to announce the newest cohort for the Predoctoral Clinical/Translational Research (TL1) Program. The TL1 trainees represent predoctoral students finishing their second year in a health-related professions program. This immersive program provides 12 months of protected time for trainees to develop projects focused on reducing health disparities and/or diseases that disproportionately affect the Deep South. In addition, fellows will complete the core curriculum, get experience writing a manuscript, and present their research at a national conference.

The new cohort includes trainees from Auburn University, LSU Health Sciences Center, Tulane University, University of Alabama and UAB.

Congratulations to the 2020 TL1 Program Cohort:

Hasan Alrefai, UAB, Medicine

Daniel Brake, UAB, Medicine

Andres Camino, UAB, Medicine

Brittannie Chester, Auburn University, Human Science

Ryan Ferrie, Tulane University, Medicine

Dulce Gomez, Auburn University, Kinesiology

Braden Hahn, Auburn University, Engineering

Justin Magrath, Tulane University, Medicine

Cassidi McDaniel, Auburn University, Pharmacy

Tiara Napier, UAB, Cancer Biology

Khoa Nguyen, Tulane University, Medicine

Jonathan Patterson, UAB, Informatics

Doris Pu, UAB, Arts & Sciences

Sydney Sheppard, UAB, Medicine

Edgar Soto, University of Alabama, Medicine


CCTS generally announces the TL1 Program call for applications in late fall. To learn more about the TL1 application process, visit the TL1 Program page.