table digest V2The SCOR Open House took place on the 7th floor of UAB's Faculty Office Tower.

A steady stream of early-stage investigators visited the SCOR Open House on Tuesday, October 30. The event showcased several new career development programs as well as dedicated space on the 7th floor of the Faculty Office Towers aimed at providing the infrastructure and support needed to develop a dynamic community of scholars in outcomes research. 

Established 2017 in collaboration with CCTS, the UAB Center for Outcomes and Effectiveness Research and Education (COERE), and the UAB Department of Medicine, SCOR seeks to enrich research opportunities in clinical and population health at the Hub. 

Below we describe two of the new SCOR learning and mentoring opportunities: 

Research & Writing Groups

room digestA steady stream of trainees, staff, and faculty dropped by to see SCOR's new space.

SCOR’s writing groups provide structured activities over a 4 to 5 month period to assist scholars working on their next specific grant application. Scholars form a cohort and move through the program together, providing additional support.The groups are connected to CCTS programs, such as the Nascent Project Panel and Panel Done Quickly (NPP and PDQ), Drop-in Clinics, and Mock Study Section, as well as to SCOR supports, including the Specific Aims and Biosketch workshops and special expertise in the K to R grant transition. A new K to R Writing Group will begin in February 2019 for those investigators planning to submit an R grant in Summer 2019. The same model is used for those investigators working on a K grant. SCOR plans to solicit investigators to join a new K writing cohort soon.

Learn, Enhance, Advance, Drive (LEAD)

what digestSCOR's goal is to develop a community of outcomes research scholars.

This SCOR program is designed to help junior faculty and staff enhance their interpersonal, professional, and leadership skills.The one-year, cohort-based program provides a supportive environment in which participants set and achieve goals tied to four themes (one per quarter): learning one’s leadership style, enhancing interpersonal effectiveness, advancing goals through collaborations, and driving change. Cohorts meet for ~ two hours a month to share progress. The next cohort will launch in August 2019. 

If either programs sound of interest, contact Dr. Becky Reamey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.