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Training Academy
Friday Fellows
  • Every Friday (non-holiday)
    Beginning August 27

    What: Friday Fellows: Population and Health Outcomes Research Seminar Series provides a weekly “disease agnostic” forum organized around research methods seminars, professional development (“soft” career skills) presentations, and works-in-progress sessions. Beyond the structured content, this interdisciplinary forum facilitates peer mentoring, networking, and developing new collaborations with fellow investigators from Schools across the UAB campus and CCTS partner network.

    Who: This program is geared towards doctoral and post-doctoral students, trainees, and fellows interested in health services, outcomes, clinical, behavioral, community-engaged, and population health research, although all are welcome!
    *This course is also available for course credit as Epi 690: Population and Health Outcomes Research Seminar Series

    • Career Journey Presentations
    • Works in Progress Presentations
    • Generating your Research Question(s)
    • Translating your Question into a Project: Identifying a Conceptual Model, Study Measures, Dataset & Sample
    • Writing an Abstract Part I
    • Writing an Abstract Part II
    • Program Evaluation
    • Biostats I: Study design
    • Biostats II: Power & Sample size
    • Epidemiology 101
    • Qualitative & Mixed Methods
    • Patient Partnerships & Coproduction of Healthcare
    • Statistical Process Control Overview
    • The Many Lives of Data
    • Secondary Data Analysis Sources
    • Decision Science & Modeling
    • Planning Your Fellowship
    • Job Search & Salary Negotiation
    • How to get promoted
    • Leadership Theories
    • Resilience
    • Peer Mentoring
    • Presentation Skills: Writing for your audience
    • Professional Social Media
    • Research & Social Media
  • For more information about this event, please contact:

    Geri Davis
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Tyren Lucas, MBA
Program Director

Jean Lambert, MA
Investigator Liaison

Geri Davis
Program Coordinator II