The mission of the CCTS Training Interdisciplinary & Emerging Research Scholars (TIERS) program is to provide beneficial information on career planning and development in a relaxed environment structured to promote collaborative learning, networking, and problem-solving. Topics match the NIH grant cycle to focus discussion on shared writing challenges.  

Upcoming TIERS Events
April 16, 2021
Intellectual Property


Previous TIERS Events

September 2019 - Overview of OSP Submission Process

September 20, 2019
Speaker: Debbie Graves, Training Coordinator, Office of Sponsored Programs at UAB
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August 2019 - Examining Mentoring: The Value of Teams and Peers

August 16, 2019
Speakers: David Chaplin, MD, PhD; Bertha Hidalgo, PhD, MPH; Lisa Jackson, MD; Gregory Payne, MD, PhD; David Vance, PhD, MGS, MS
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July 2019 - How to Write Your Career Development Grant Part II

July 19, 2019
Speakers: Paula Gregory, PhD and Henna Budhwani, Phd, MPH
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June 2019 - How to Write Your Career Development Grant Part I

June 14, 2019
Speakers: Lisa Jackson, MD and Mary Townsley, PhD
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May 2019 - Research Ethics Redux: Review, Refresh and Resource

May 10, 2019
Speaker: Lisa Schwiebert, PhD
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April 2019 - Discussion of UAB Promotion and Tenure

April 12, 2019
Speaker: Seth Landefeld, MD
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February 2019 - Work Smarter, Live Better: Tips for Sharpening the Saw

February 8, 2019
Speaker: Jean Ann Larson, FACHE, LFHIMSS, FIISE

January 2019 - Messaging that Matters

January 11, 2019
Speaker: Ellen DeGraffenried, MBA
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December 2018 - Academic Writing: 5 Tips for Success

December 14, 2018
Speaker: Jeff Walker, PhD
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November 2018 - Leading Team Science

November 9, 2018
Speaker: Grant Savage, PhD

September 2018 - The Magnificent Seven: Questions of Study Design

September 14, 2018
Speaker: David Redden, PhD
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August 2018 - Rigor, Reproducibility & Transparency (R2T)

August 10, 2018
Speaker: Daniel Mirman, PhD
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July 2018 - Introduction to UAB's Integrated Research Administration Portal-IRAP

July 13, 2018
Speaker: Molly Lerew
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June 2018 - Advice for Writing an NIH R Award

June 8, 2018
Speaker: Martin Young, DPhil
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