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Our organization is one of the nation's leading developers in cold stowage hardware for use in microgravity and space exploration on the International Space Station

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NASA may be our largest client but our talents continue with other services and products for all ranges of research and engineering.

We have a staff of 40 engineers and technicians capable of developing “hardened”, high reliability precision instruments, and systems

Our resources are drawn from NASA, Teledyne Brown Engineering, UAB, Wyle Laboratories, and others, creating a diverse environment for research and design

Our full service capabilites include:

  • ISS Over Earth RESIZED 60


    • Structural

    • Mechanical

    • Electrical / Electronics

    • Systems

  • Software Analysis

  • Fabrication

  • Assembly

  • Test / Checkout

  • Complete Documentation

  • Refurbishment and Reverse Engineering



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