MERLIN (Microgravity Experiment Research Locker Incubator) is a thermal carrier that has been approved for flight in Middeck and EXPRESS Rack accomodations. MERLIN is a rear-breathing Middeck Locker (MDL) replacement incubator that provides a thermally controlled environment for scientific experiments in the International Space Station (ISS) EXPRESS Rack, or the now retired Space Shuttle. Also used to support Crew Galley Operations.

  • Advanced Single Middeck Locker Incubator / Freezer (Heat exchanger designed for both rear-air or water loop heat rejection)
  • Previous interfaces include Shuttle Middeck and SPACEHAB
  • Capable with interfacing with Commercial Orbital Transportation System (COTS) vehicles
  • 30+ pound payload with 16.5" (X) by 10.188" (Y) by 6.69" (Z) experiment volume (CG at the center of the experiment volume)
  • Payload volume for both conduction or convection cooling modes
  • Provides thermal control from -20oC to 48.5oCMERLIN_png_patch
  • Fully programmable temperature control including ramps and recovery modes can be configured / executed via the display, EXPRESS RIC, and remotely from the ground (both commanding and file uplink)
  • System temperature sensor readings (8)
  • Experiment temp. sensor readings (up to 12)
  • PID control temperature (derived)
  • A/D sensor readings (up to 10)
  • Digital I/O readings (8)
  • Last command status information
  • Error reporting/acknowledgement information
  • Data storage utilization status
  • Thermal control data


For more information, visit the NASA link below

MERLIN Fact Sheet

or contact MERLIN Project Manager, Dan Connor
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Imperial (in)

Metric (cm)

Strict Internal Dimmension 5.91 x 8.63 x 14.87   15.02 x 21.93 x 37.76
Total Internal Dimmension 6.64 x 9.05 x 15.08 16.86 x 22.99 x 38.30



Imperial (in3)

Metric (L)

Strict Internal Volume 759.63 12.45
Total Internal Volume 903.89 14.81





Water Cooled 48.5° to -20° 119.3° to -4°
Air Cooled 4° to 48.5° 39.2° to -119.3°