• For rapid freezing on ISS using -190⁰C Interface
  • Transport temperatures colder than currently available on SpaceX Dragon, Orbital Cygnus
  • Used in MSG, LSG and EXPRESS Rack
  • Power consumption 75 watts
  • Remote communications capability including KuIP
Rapid Freeze Patch

 Optimized Polar Installed Close Up

Water Hookup in ISS for Rapid Freeze



Rapid Freeze utilizes several specific inserts rather than an open tray such as MERLIN, Glacier, and Polar. Each pure copper sample holder may weigh a ton here on earth, but in space they are simple to install and held in place by a set of four magnets. Depending on the research, the Cryochiller or GloveBox Freezer can be deployed and hooked up to the water cooling system on the ISS.


Sample Cartridge Holder Options


Sample Cartridges