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Rapid Freeze is a set of ISS payloads that provide rapid biosample freeze rates approaching those achieved through liquid nitrogen immersion.  Rapid Freeze payloads overcome the challenges posed by liquid cryogens in low gravity environments via interchangeable sample cartridge tools actively cooled to near liquid nitrogen temperature levels.  EITD developed and maintains two unique payloads, Glovebox Freezer and Cryo Chiller, for use in rapid freeze operations aboard ISS. 


  • Freeze rates approaching liquid nitrogen immersion rates
  • Freeze capability within ISS science gloveboxes (MSG, LSG)
  • High sample flexibility via interchangeable cartridges including
    • Off the shelf cartridges for vials, bags, slides, and carcasses
    • Custom cartridges for unique sample configurations and/or performance requirements
  • Remote (ground) control and monitoring capabilities
  • Availability of Ground Control Units for
    • Pre-mission experiment optimization
    • Production of ground control reference samples

Use the links below to read about the unique capabilities of each Rapid Freeze payload.

Sample Cartridges


Sample Cartridges