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Rapid Freeze payloadsRapid Freeze Patch provide the capability torapidlyfreeze biological samples on the ISS by providing a -185°C interface for sample freezing through conduction. “Rapid Freeze” capabilities are provided by two separate payloads called GloveboxFreezer and Cryo Chiller.


  • Freeze samples at 3 locations (MSG, LSG or EXPRESS Rack)
  • Freeze multiple samples over short period of time
  • Freeze many samples during a crew workday
  • Maintain consistent freeze rate from sample to sample
  • Power consumption 75 watts
  • Remote communications capability including KuIP

Sample Cartridges made of copper are used as the sample interface within the the Rapid Freeze units,  rather than an open tray such as MERLIN, Glacier, and Polar. Cartridges are simple to install and held in place by a set of four magnets. Depending on the science needs, the Cryochiller or GloveBox Freezer can be deployed and connected to a water cooling system on the ISS.

Sample Cartridges


Sample Cartridges