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Our organization is one of the nation's leading developers in cold stowage hardware for use in microgravity and exploration.

Our cold stowage fleet offers a range of options in size, cooling rate, and sample containment. The technical specifications of each cold stowage payload are available on their respective pages to help researchers interested in potential collaboration with EITD to identify units that would complement their ISS experiments.

Our units are designed with the scientist in mind. Our engineers have experience training both astronauts and principal investigators on the intricacies of our cooling technology.

Every unit inspected carefully before and after its mission ensuring our top level quality assurance seal of approval. 





EITD's fleet of hardware offers a wide range of size and temperature options to meet science needs and objectives.  


All Trays Comparison

Polar, Iceberg and Glacier trays offer a wide range of sample volume accomodations and provide uniform cooling, MERLIN offers a solid tray for use during incubation mode.

Glovebox Freezer