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Our software engineers are highly skilled in all areas of software development and are  from industries as diverse as health care, aerospace, telecommunications, defense, research, industrial automation, and power utility. Our engineers experienced in the following areas:

{slide=Software Development Lifecycle} Our engineers have a broad background in software requirement analysis and design. Our developers use a variety of tools and methodologies including Use Cases, Class and Object Modeling, and Data Modeling. They are well versed in user/analyst joint application development. {/slide}

{slide=General Software Development} Our engineers have many years of software development experience on a variety of operating platforms. These platforms include UNIX (HP/UX, SUN/Solaris, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X), and Windows, using languages such as C#, C++, C, Objective C, Borland C++ Builder, and Visual Basic. The team has used a variety of tools for Software Development. These include GNU (on Linux), Microsoft Visual Studio .Net, Xcode (on Mac OS X), and multiple embedded microcontroller platforms. {/slide}

{slide=Distributed Computing and Web Development} Our engineers are experienced in distributed systems development and multi-tiered client/server computing with a background in heterogeneous distributed development. Our engineers are also experienced in TCP/IP network programming tools on a variety of platforms and in distributed computing architectures such as Microsoft Web Services, .Net Distributed Components, OSF DCE, and CORBA. {/slide}

{slide=Database Design and Development} Our engineers are experienced in relational database design and development. In the project design phase, our engineers are experienced in the techniques of Data modeling, ER modeling, and data normalization. They are also experienced in database software tools such as embedded SQL, Client Library Interface, and stored database procedures. Other proficiencies include Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Sybase, Informix, Ingres, Microsoft Access and DB development tools such as Microsoft .Net and Borland Builder Database Components. {/slide}

{slide=Embedded Systems and Software Development} Our engineers are experienced in the design and development of space payload monitoring and control systems as well as other types of embedded systems. Our hardware experience includes PC-104 (Intel), PowerPC (on VME bus), Intel 8051 Microcontroller, PIC Microcontroller (Rabbit), and Texas Instrument MSP430 processors. Our software environments include Linux, Microsoft Visual Studio .Net, .Net for Mobile Computing, WindRiver VxWorks, and Windows CE. Our engineers are experienced in device level development such as RS422 and RS232 serial communications, stepper and servo motor control, digital image processing, visual display control, laser control, thermal control and temperature, pressure, and humidity monitoring. {/slide}