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EITD's team of highly trained technicians have a proven track record for building and maintaining complex hardware systems. Our technicians are certified to J-STD-001 (Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies), NASA-STD 8739.4 (Crimping, Interconnecting Cables, Harnesses, and Wiring), and NASA-STD-8739.1A (Workmanship Standard for Polymetric Application on Electronic Assemblies).


EITD has experience in the procurement of high quality aerospace grade components, raw materials. We maintain an extensive hardware inventory with complete documentation for all flight hardware parts such as COC, lot and date code, and chemical/physical test reports. This allows for complete traceability of the materials used in the fabrication of hardware systems.

Assembly & Inspection

Our labs include over 4000 sq. ft of fully equipped hardware fabrication and assembly lab space. This includes ESD workstations and a 1000 sq. ft 100k class clean room facility. Lab capabilities include:
  • metrology/inspection
  • mechanical hardware assembly
  • electrical board population
  • electrical component and system testing
  • EPROM coding and burn-in
  • electrical assembly (using ESD work stations)


Some of our equipment used in assembly & inspection services:
  • Coordinate-Measuring Machine (CMM)

    Coordinate-Measuring Machine (CMM)

    Inspection of hardware parts

  • Optical Comparator

    Optical Comparator

    Inspection of hardware parts