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EITD provides mechanical engineering services to a wide array of partners including university and research laboratories, aeronautical industries, and government organizations such as the Department of Defense and NASA. Design examples include the following:
  • Design and integration of payloads into the Spacelab Module, Spacelab Pallets, MPESS, STS Middeck, MPLM, SPACEHAB, and Space-X Dragon, and Orbital Sciences Cygnusimgonline com ua CompressToSize kcmRhKUiaA3bg9Z
  • Experiment Racks for Spacelab and ISS Missions
  • Multiple Protein Crystal Growth systems for ground laboratories, STS and ISS missions
  • Fluid manipulation in microgravity, both manually and robotically
  • Laser light scattering and video detection systems for use in detecting nucleation within protein solutions
  • High intensity X-ray systems with low power consumption for use aboard the ISS
  • Integration of Thermal Electric Devices into space flight qualified refrigerators/incubators
  • Integration of Stirling Engines into space flight qualified cryogenic freezers
  • Handheld Biosensors for packaging of airborne pathogen detectors
  • Heavy lifting devices for military aircraft loading
  • High resolution video imaging and automation packagin for biotechnology hardware

Mechanical Design

Our engineers have an extensive history of developing mechanical designs in compliance with the requirements of MIL-STD-100 and ANSI Y14.5M. Designs are produced with solid modeling packages Solid Edge and ProE.  Expertise with other CAD packages such as Microstation and EMS is also available. An on-site research machine shop provides a seamless interaction between the design and manufacturing process. EITD maintains configuration control over released drawings and analyses through a configuration management system that has been certified to ISO9001:2015 with design and AS9100 Revision D.

Structural Analysis

  • Linearthermal_analysis
  • Non-linear
  • Multi-body contact
  • Dynamic
  • Frequency response
  • Shock response
  • Crack propagation
  • Multi-physics coupling
  • Design optimization
  • Finite Element Modeling  using FEMAP pre and post processing and NX NASTRAN as the solver

Thermal-CFD Analysis

  • conjugate heat transfer
  • multi-phase and reacting flows
  • dynamic fluid body interaction
  • electrodynamic fluid interaction
  • aeroacoustics


  • StarCCM+