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(EITD) Engineering and Innovative Technology Development was created to support the development of specialized research instruments for ground and microgravity based research experiments. Since 1990, we have grown into a full service organization, providing customers with a range of solutions from technical guidance to complete turn-key systems and services (from concept through fabrication).

Our engineers are experienced in design, development, and commercialization of innovative hardware and software systems for the aeronautic and life sciences industry. Our expertise in hardware and software systems cover mechanical, electrical, and software design; fabrication, assembly, test, and operations.

As one of the nation's leading developers in cold stowage hardware for use in microgravity and exploration, we also provide services in systems engineering, safety and verification documentation / closeout, crew training, launch site support, mission operations, and recovery.

Our mission is to meet or exceed customer requirements while providing timely delivery of high quality, cost effective hardware systems and services.