Greg Knight '10

Greg Knight is a 2010 IEM Graduate and is currently the Global Program Manager for Johnson Controls. We asked him a few questions about his IEM Experience and how his outlook has changed since the program.

What made you choose the UAB Master of Engineering with an IEM concentration for your graduate education?

I had been working in Information Technology for many years and was looking for a way to change my perspective on my career.

Was there a class you took during the IEM program that stood out to you or made a difference in your personal or professional life? Can you tell us more about it?

I really enjoyed all of the courses but there are three that stood out above the others:

  1. In Technical Project Management I learned that Project Management was about a lot more than just chasing a due date.
  2. In the Information Engineering Summer course we were directed to explore our own ideas about our interests and were given the freedom to determine if there was career or business opportunities with them.
  3. I had always worked in roles where the day-to-day demands of the job were so intense that there was not time to rise above the details and strategically plan. In Strategic Management my thinking was reset and I gained the framework to become more strategic in whatever role I hold.

Were you able to balance your personal commitments while also completing the IEM program? If so, how did you achieve this?

I was able to find balance with professional, academic, and personal commitments by being very deliberate with how I spent my time and also taking advantage of the IEM monthly meeting schedule.

Have you experienced any impact in your professional or personal outlook since completing the IEM program?

Within a few months of graduating from IEM I received a promotion to a management position within my company and I continue to move my career in the direction that works best for me and my family. I was also in my late thirties when I started IEM. It was a good time for me to change my perspective, and the IEM courses and the networking with my classmates and others affiliated with IEM provided that much welcome point of view tweak I needed.