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About the CTL

CTL Logo Centered Transparent Rectangle The purpose of the UAB Center for Teaching and Learning is to provide UAB faculty with professional and teaching support programs and to encourage teaching effectiveness and innovation on campus.

Consistent with the objectives of the UAB Strategic Plan, the CTL is on the leading edge of the University’s efforts to:

•  promote innovative instructional practices
•  develop UAB’s world-class faculty members
•  align teaching, learning, and mentorship development programs
•  foster a culture of learning that supports and encourages academic, professional and personal development for UAB students, faculty, and staff

The CTL is open to all UAB faculty and is focused on supporting excellence in teaching across the UAB campus. Research shows that effective teaching by University faculty leads to higher levels of student success and higher rates of student recruitment and retention. Through CTL workshops, individual and group faculty consultations, and school and departmental presentations, the CTL promotes student learning by helping UAB faculty to develop the knowledge and skills to become better teachers.

The Center also plays a key role in supporting the University’s ongoing accreditation efforts and the Quality Enhancement Plan. The QEP theme, “Learning in a Team Environment” is focused on increasing the use of effective team-learning strategies in UAB classrooms.

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CTL Workshops

Faculty Well Being   Faculty Well-Being

Global awareness   Global Awareness

effectiveness   Teaching Effectiveness

Faculty Foundations   Teaching Foundations