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Teaching Writing Series

teaching writing

The University Writing Center (UWC) is proud to partner with the Center for Teaching and Learning to offer strategies for teaching writing. Workshops focus on teaching writing as a process, providing student writers constructive feedback, and facilitating productive peer reviews and other writing exercises.

Recognizing the importance of teaching writing across the curriculum, the UWC and CTL welcome faculty and staff from all disciplines who assign (or are interested in assigning!) writing in their courses.

For more information about this series, contact Jaclyn Wells, Director of the University Writing Center.

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The UAB Center for Teaching and Learning promotes educational and professional development that leads to innovation in the classroom and meaningful student learning. Our offerings and space is available to any UAB faculty, student facing staff, or individuals teaching a course currently that is interested in professional and educational development. If you are in need of space for a faculty meeting, training, and or retreat we would love to host you. Contact us today at uabctl@uab.edu to check availability. Please include the dates of interest, time, purpose of reservation, and those who will be in attendance.

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