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Accessibility Series

disability support services In higher education, accessibility is defined as the "ability to access" the same content, classrooms, materials, coursework and events, whether at a physical location or online. Accommodations, by contrast, are a tool that allows institutions to make different aspects of the university experience accessible where it might not otherwise be. In general, accommodations are considered any change that enables students with disabilities to participate equally in the environment and activities of either a particular class or university life in general. Accessibility practices aim to make the experiences that a university offers available to the largest number of people. The Accessibility Series is designed to answer specific questions about accessibility and accommodations. The three main themes that the workshops center around were identified using assessment feedback provided by faculty and staff. Each workshop will be interactive and questions are encouraged.

The UAB CTL and UAB DSS also offer the CTL Accessibility Certificate. To qualify for the CTL Accessibility Certificate, participants must complete a total of 100,000 points with at least 70,000 points earned in the CTL’s Accessibility workshop series and 30,000 additional points from any other CTL series. View the CTL Certification Programs page for more information on CTL certificates.

For more information about this workshop series, contact UAB Disability Support Services.


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