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Classroom Technology Information

The Center for Teaching and Learning, the Division of eLearning, and UAB IT's Classroom Technology group have many classroom technology resources available for UAB faculty. Follow the steps below to learn about the technology available in UAB's on-campus classrooms and receive assistance.

Step 1: Search for Your Classrooms

Visit uab.edu/elearning/lecture-capture to search for your classroom and identify what specific technology will be available in that room. From this link, click "Find Your Classroom and Technical Info" to begin searching.

Once you have found your room, click on its designation (Large Standard, Medium Standard, etc.) to view technical details for this classroom.

Note: If your classroom does not appear in the list, it may be a departmental-controlled classroom and will likely contain unique technology. If this is the case, you will need to contact the dapartment that controls the room to get technical details.

Step 2: Get to Know Your Classroom

UAB eLearning has a developed a large collection of resources avaialble for faculty to help you better undestand the technology in each classroom.

This includes an interactive classroom technology tutorial for "Large Standard" and "Small/Medium Standard" classrooms as well as info on which specific technology is in the room, Classroom Tech FAQs, and Quickstart Guides.

Video Link

eLearning has also created an overview of the basic classroom/lecture capture process with tips for what faculty need to do before, during, and after class.

Step 3: Get Answers to Your Questions

If you have questions after viewing the online resources for faculty, submit those questions to UAB eLearning here: go.uab.edu/askelearning

Faculty can also request a one-on-one consultation with UAB eLearning's Instructional Design team. Instructional designers know what specific technology is available to UAB faculty and how to properly use it in the classroom (on-campus or online.) Instructional designers also have an understanding of pedagogy and advanced teaching techniques, so after a discussion with faculty, they can suggest methods to address the needs in their specific courses.

Step 4: Visit Your Classroom (if possible)

Most semesters, UAB faculty have the ability to visit their classrooms and try out the technology prior to the beginning of classes. After viewing all videos and resources available, we recommend visiting the classroom and trying out the technology before your first class, if possible.

If you have questions after visiting your classroom, submit those questions to UAB eLearning here: go.uab.edu/askelearning

Step 5: Request an On-campus, In-person Demonstration

If after viewing the online, interactive turorial videos and reviewing the classroom information available online you find that you still need assistance, faculty can request an in-person demonstration of the classroom technology.

Before requesting an in-person demonstration you must first watch eLearning's interactive classroom technology video (BlazerID authentication required).

After Classes Begin
UAB IT Classroom Technology is available for on-site (in the classroom you are teaching) classroom technology training appointments. To make this request, faculty should contact the AskIT help desk at (205) 996-9999 (6-9999 on-campus) or submit a ticket at uab.edu/techhelp


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