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Fall 2020 Classroom Technology Information

Registrations for in-person demonstrations of classroom technology at the Center for Teaching and Learning have concluded for the current semester, but faculty can now request one-on-one time with UAB IT Classroom Technology in the room they teach to go over the technology. Continue reading below for more information on how to request an appointment in addition to other resources related to classroom technology.

On-site Appointments

UAB IT Classroom Technology is available for on-site classroom technology training appointments after August 24th. Users can contact the AskIT help desk at (205) 996-9999 (6-9999 on-campus) or submit a ticket at uab.edu/techhelp.

Classroom Technology and Lecture Capture Webinar

UAB eLearning hosted two online workshops in collaboration with UAB IT Classroom Technology to discuss the lecture capture technology and equipment in the rooms as well as how to run a Zoom meeting in the classroom. Watch the video below, click here to view more support information from eLearning, and see the bottom of this page for additional links related to classroom technology. Click here to view this month's live, virtual workshops offered by the Center for Teaching and Learning.


Useful Links Related to Classroom Technology


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