The Resident Academic Career Development Track is designed for residents who want to pursue a career in academic medicine.  As many as two residents per year shall be appointed to the three-year Anesthesiology Resident Academic Career Development Program. 

The Research Scholarship will begin at the start of the recipient's anesthesiology residency training at UAB.  Each Scholar will receive $10,000 per year salary supplement for three consecutive years.  This is contingent upon successful completion of each stage of the Resident Academic Career Development Program as defined in the Program Timeline.  The Scholarship payments will be independent of the normal PGY salary. 

Pending satisfactory clinical and academic progress, as well as successful fulfillment of licensure, credentialing, and regulatory requirements, it is anticipated (but not guaranteed) that the Department Chair will recommend appointment of the Research Scholar to the UAB Anesthesiology faculty following the completion of residency training.  Residents successfully completing the RACD program will be offered the opportunity to complete a PGY5 training year with 80% time dedicated to ongoing research.  The Scholar will then be expected to serve as a faculty member in the department of anesthesiology for at least two years and perform research in the basic or clinical sciences as well as appropriate clinical and educational duties. 

Our RACD Track is overseen by Brant Wagener, M.D., Ph.D. Learn more about our RACD graduates.

Resident Academic Career Development Program Timeline

Sept PGY 1

Presentation to residents of research programs of potential mentors

Dec 31 PGY 1

Application submitted

April 1 PGY 1

Research Scholar selected by committee

Sept CA 1

Meeting of Research Scholar with each Director of the Divisions of Critical Care and Preoperative Medicine and of Pain Treatment to identify research options and potential Mentors.

Dec 31 CA 1

Mentor identified, with Mentor or Co-Mentor being a member of the Department of Anesthesiology.  Letter of commitment from Mentor submitted to RACD Committee for approval including general focus and direction of planned research

Jan 1 CA 1 – Jan 1 CA 2

Development of relationship between Research Scholar and Mentor/Mentor laboratory. Identification by Scholar and Mentor of specific objectives and goals.

Apr 1 CA 2

Final Proposal to include Hypothesis (1p) Background/Significance (2-3 pp), Description of Experimental Model (1-2 pp), and Academic Career Development Program* (2-3 p) submitted to RACD Committee for approval.

1st 6 months CA 3

Carry out research

January CA 3

Formal presentation of progress to RACD Committee.

2nd 6 months CA 3

Write manuscript and/or grant application for external funding, abstracts, plan for presentations

April - June CA 3

Presentation of research experience to the Department of Anesthesiology

The Academic Career Development Program section recognizes the fact that a career in academics requires a broad and varied set of talents and skills, in addition to research competence. This section should address the broad objectives of the comparable section of an NIH K01 award, involving utilization of  relevant research and educational resources to achieve training in activities such as: scientific writing, presentation, and grantsmanship; meetings and seminars; teaching; and the Responsible Conduct of Research. An excellent resource is the UAB Office of Postdoctoral Education and the Scholar is encouraged to actively participate in this excellent program.