Recognizing the desire for an accessible, practical yet content-rich way to enhance medical faculty teaching skills, the MedEd Moments Series was designed and created by dedicated faculty development specialists to be widely applicable across the profession.  Through a series of learning vignettes, MedEd Moments addresses important and often unmet needs in topic areas including: Setting Expectations, Feedback, Learning Climate, Evaluation and many more.  Each approximately five minute section incorporates adult learning principles using high-quality video and state-of-the-art theory to facilitate and encourage active learning.  We hope these vignettes will serve as a foundational primer on teaching techniques as well as a reference or review for seasoned, experienced faculty.

Setting Expectations” is the first learning episode in the series of MedEd Moments. 

Testimonials from our Colleagues

"We have a huge faculty and I have struggled with the best way to get digestible faculty development sessions out to a larger group - this video is extremely helpful and addresses an extremely important but under recognized skill." -Dana Dunne, MD, Clerkship Director, Internal Medicine - Yale University School of Medicine

"We plan to include this in our monthly orientation to faculty attending on service. This is very well-done and high-yield - short, succinct and relevant not only to different levels of learners but across disciplines." -Margaret C. Lo, MD FACP, Associate Program Director, UF Medicine Residency Program, Program Co-Director, VA Chief Residency in Quality Safety - University of Florida College of Medicine

“I especially like having a visual cue on the documents outlining separate expectations for different levels of learners. Having post-its on them is a great reminder to everyone about being specific to each learner.” -Jackcy Jacob, MD, FACP, FAAP, Associate Director for the Internal Medicine Third Year Clerkship - Albany Medical College