The residents kicked off their Annual Spring Party and Banquet with a champagne toast to those who were graduating the program. It was a time to celebrate their hard work and commitment to patient care, as well as a time to recognize residents who have excelled in research, global health, resident teaching, overall attitude, and clinical excellence.

The Tinsley Harrison Internal Medicine Residency Program reached beyond the campus into the community with a presentation to local fifth graders at Hueytown Elementary School last week. Drs. Karla Williams, Anezi Uzendu, and Keandrea Titer led a "Sugar Savvy" demonstration that encouraged kids to guess how many teaspoons of sugar were in common food items. The residents also helped the kids dream up “good food” restaurant ideas with menu items that both tasted good and were nutritious choices.

Patient Care Kudos to three Internal Medicine Residents Allison Rogers (PGY-1), Chase Mitchell (PGY-2), and Mary Margaret Basham (PY-3) for their quick and accurate diagnosis of aortic dissection in a patient with schizophrenia reporting non-specific symptoms at the Birmingham VA Medical Center.

Thanks to Kelly Hyndman, PhD (Nephrology) and the team in Cardio-Renal Physiology and Medicine, Translational Research Immersion Modules for our interns were successfully piloted this year, giving 44 residents a chance to pipette, measure rat urine sodium, count macrophages, observe mouse surgery, and more. After the experience, a majority reported a greater appreciation of the value of basic science to clinicians. 

Monica Baskin, PhD (Preventive Medicine) will serve as the Department of Medicine’s first Vice Chair for Culture and Diversity. Monica leads a nationally recognized NIH-funded research program to reduce or eliminate health disparities through community-engaged research, and she chairs the Advancing Health Equity Priority Group of Jefferson County’s Health Action Partnership. As DOM Vice Chair, Monica will lead our efforts to develop a culture of respect and inclusion, working with each Division to capitalize on the diversity of our faculty, staff, and learners.