The goal of the DOM Career Development (K) Award Internal Review Process is to provide DOM faculty an in-depth internal assessment of grant applicants prior to NIH submission. All the required documents are to be submitted to Brittani DeLoach two months prior to the deadline.

Award Review Criteria and Process

The Investigator’s initial submission (applicant and mentor biosketch, aims, and abstract) is forwarded to the Vice-Chair for Research, Assistant Vice-Chair for Research and the Chair of the DOM Research Development Group. They review the documents and identify at least three potential reviewers with similar areas of interest and expertise. Once identified, the reviewers are asked to assess the complete application. Approximately two weeks after receiving the complete application, reviewers meet with the applicant and his/her mentor(s) to provide direct feedback.

Required Documents

To Be Submitted Two Months Prior to NIH Deadline:

  • Investigator NIH Biosketch
  • Mentor Biosketch
  • Specific Aims
  • Abstract

To Be Submitted Six Weeks Prior to NIH Deadline:

  • Complete Application
  • Career Development Plan

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Questions? Please contact Brittani DeLoach.