Students in good academic standing are eligible to take co-enrolled courses. Students who are on academic probation (current student status) are not eligible until they return to good academic standing.

First-term MS1 students are not eligible for co-enrolled courses but may elect to take them in the second term of their MS1 year provided they are in good academic standing.


Use the Co-enrolled Request Form to make your request.

For courses requiring written approval, submit the Co-enrolled Request Form. The course director will send a list of approved students to the Records office for scheduling. If you already have written approval forward that to scheduler@uab.edu.

Request forms are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Note for Tuscaloosa: The registration request process is different for co-enrolled courses offered in Tuscaloosa. Please contact Brittany Coulter for details. 

Spring 2022 Registration Dates

Registration opens Monday, Nov. 29 at 5 p.m.
Registration deadline Monday, Dec. 20 at 8 a.m.
Deadline to drop co-enrolled without record on transcript Wednesday at 4 p.m. prior to official course start date as listed on your schedule
Deadline to drop with a grade of WP (withdrawn passing) or WF (withdrawn failing) on transcript After Wednesday at 4 p.m. prior to official course start date as listed on your schedule but before the official end date of the course

Important Considerations

  • Make sure you can attend course sessions before you enroll. You will not be excused from co-enrolled courses for ICM.
  • Strongly consider how adding a co-enrolled course will affect your ability to successfully complete your academic responsibilities, including Step exams. Your advisor or regional campus team can help you determine if a co-enrolled course is a good fit for you.
  • You may want to consider saving at least one of your co-enrolled courses for the third or fourth year. Note that co-enrolled courses at the regional campuses may restrict or prioritize enrollment to MS3s and MS4s at their campus.
  • MD/PhD and other special program students should consider their academic requirements and check with their advisor before adding a co-enrolled course as elective requirements may differ.

Spring 2022 Co-enrolled Course Offerings

Campus Title Meets Times Class
B 06-405 Clinical Ethics: Ethics M&M Seminars Thursday 5-7 p.m. Priority to MS3 & MS4
B 06-426 Mind Body Medicine: Mens Sana in Corpore Sano
Wednesday 5-7 p.m. All
B 006-445 Entrepreneurship in Medicine Tuesday 5-7 p.m. All
B 06-446 Foundations of Interprofessional Practice Thursday 5-7 p.m. All
B 06-447 Personalized Medicine Course Thursday 5-7 p.m. All
B 06-448 Clinical Research in Pediatric Neurosurgery
Various TBD All
B 06-449 Teaching in Medicine Tuesday 5:05-7:30 p.m. MS2, MS3 & MS4
B 06-450 Emergency Medicine Technician Training Thursday TBD MS1
H 06-423H Pharmacology Monday 4-6 p.m. Priority to Huntsville MS3 & MS4 students
T 06-424T Culinary Medicine TBD TBD Tuscaloosa students


What is a co-enrolled course?
A co-enrolled course is an optional, semester-long elective course that occurs concurrently with pre-clerkship and/or clinical courses. Each course is worth 2 weeks of elective credit. Co- enrolled courses differ from special topics and cannot be used to fulfill special topics requirements.

How many co-enrolled courses can I take?
You can take one co-enrolled course per term. Up to 4 weeks of co-enrolled course credits (two co-enrolled courses total) can count as elective credit. You cannot take the same co-enrolled course twice.

Do I have to take co-enrolled courses in order to graduate?
No, you are not obligated to complete any of your elective requirements in a co-enrolled format.