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Policy for the Student Use of the Heersink School of Medicine Supported E-Mail


E-mail is one of the primary methods of communicating with medical students, faculty, staff and administrators. As such, it requires the use of accepted standards and practices of user conduct. The Heersink School of Medicine reserves the right to monitor and view all e-mail transactions on its network. The purpose of this policy is to define the expectations for the use of our supported e-mail by medical students.


    • Medical students are expected to utilize our supported e-mail system and server for conducting school-related business only.
    • Medical students are expected to abide by all university and school-wide policies related to e-mail usage.
    • Medical students are expected to check their school e-mail at least once each weekday during periods of class attendance and once a week during periods between class attendance and continuing until graduation or permanently leaving school.
    • Because there is a size limit to each e-mail box, medical students are expected to keep their e-mail boxes cleaned out.
    • Class e-mail distribution is limited to designated individuals for specific use during specified time frames.


The Associate Dean for Students is responsible for the procedures to implement this policy. The Director of Career Support is responsible for managing the class e-mail distribution authorizations. Medical Education Information Services (MEIS) is responsible for giving and removing the class e-mail capability to individuals as specified by the Director of Career Support.

Effective August 1, 2008

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