The School of Medicine is committed to ensuring that all medical students have access to appropriate health care services at all campus sites. UAB Student Health Services is available to all medical students, and arrangements are made so that students at campuses without a student health clinic will have timely access to primary care services in their local community.

Students may be excused from classes or clinical duties in order to access needed health care services on a reasonable basis by working through Medical Student Services or the equivalent office on regional campuses, and, if applicable, UAB Disability Support Services. Faculty members who provide medical care for students should not be involved in supervision, academic assessment, or decisions about advancement/promotion of those students.

Student health insurance (also available to spouses and dependents) or equivalent private coverage is required for all medical students. Insurance must provide coverage at any educational site, including visiting electives.

Medical students must comply with all immunization and health requirements as determined by UAB Student Health Services and the university.

University policy ensures that all medical students have rapid access to evaluation, testing, and any needed prophylactic treatment for exposure to blood/body fluids, regardless of the training site. Students receive education about environmental and occupational hazards and are informed of procedures for handling such exposures.

The school provides disability insurance for all medical students.

Policy dated Dec. 2, 2013