The UAB School of Medicine (UABSOM) requires for medical students on clinical services to be supervised at all times. Supervision of medical student activities by physicians and non-physicians must be within the scope of practice of the physicians and non-physicians who are charged with medical student supervision, and the level of responsibility delegated to the student by the supervisor must be appropriate to the student’s level of training. All supervisors are responsible for meeting the UABSOM educational objectives.
All medical students must be assigned to UASOM faculty who have primary responsibility for medical student supervision on a given clinical service. Clerkship directors at all UABSOM campus sites are responsible for monitoring the quality of supervision of students within their discipline-specific clerkship.

UABSOM faculty members to whom medical students are assigned may engage physicians and non-physicians in teaching activities and are charged with (1) overseeing the supervision of medical students, (2) ensuring that the level of supervision is appropriate for the student level of responsibility and is within the supervisor’s scope of practice, and (3) monitoring the quality of medical student supervision on the given clinical service to ensure student and patient safety and meeting of UABSOM educational objectives.