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Reserving space in Volker Hall

  • LC room: If you want to reserve the LC room, contact Jason Noah at jnoah@uab.edu
  • All other VH space: For all other VH requests, contact Tiffany Henderson at thenders@uab.edu

Fourth- & Fifth-floor space

  • The fourth and fifth floors are used for student studying, students meetings, pre-clinical module small and large groups, ICM, LC meetings, breakouts during class meetings, and MAA events.
  • Both the Student Senate and the Heersink School of Medicine have some ownership of the space. The Student Senate owns and maintains the refrigerators, microwaves, and any coffee pots/Keurigs on each floor. The school owns and maintains the furniture and physical space.
    • Repairs and repainting of walls; replacement of broken or damaged furniture; and deep cleanings of restrooms, carpets, and hardwood floors are done during the summer months. Note: Student fee money is used for these jobs.
  • General housekeeping is done on all spaces by UAB, with two exceptions:
    • Wiping down the study tables and study cubes
    • Erasing the whiteboards in the study rooms
  • Students are expected to self-monitor appropriate use of group study rooms

Safety on these floors

  • We expect students to help with the safety of these areas. If you see students from other schools or guests of medical students, please ask them to leave. If they refuse, call UAB Police.
  • Do not swipe-up people you don’t know.
  • There are cameras, but they only pick up activity in the common areas.

Supplies, maintenance & furniture

  • If you need cleaning supplies, please ask Tammi Taylor in Medical Student Services
  • If you need dry erase markers or erasers, please ask Tammi Taylor in Medical Student Services
  • Leftover food from meetings should always be taken to a common space, either in MSS or the common areas on the fourth and fifth floors. Food should never be left in the room where the meeting was held.
  • Trash that won’t fit in cans within rooms should be taken to larger trash cans. Trash should not be left on the floor.
  • Report maintenance issues via ReportIt or the UAB Maintenance Request Form. If maintenance problems persist, even after reporting, please alert Jason Noah.
  • If you move furniture from the common area into a study room, move it back when you’re done.
  • If the furniture is damaged or broken, please alert Jason Noah so the piece can be removed.

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