Diversity and Inclusion in UAB MSTP

At UAB we believe our diversity and inclusion efforts never stop evolving. We encourage faculty, staff, students, alumni, community friends, and partners to maintain active participation in equity and inclusive excellence throughout our state, nation, and world. 

Mission Statement

In order for our students to thrive in an increasingly diverse and complex global world, UAB-MSTP must assist them in developing their abilities to communicate, understand, and work with people who are different from themselves. Throughout all levels of our program, we work to maintain a community in which every member is welcome, supported, and valued. 


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Get to know our Diversity and Inclusion Committee:

  • Co-Chair


    Morgan Greene

  • Co-Chair


    Jana Badrini

  • Vice Chair

    Vice Chair:

    Courtney Swain

  • Admissions / Recruitment Representative

    Admissions & Recruitment Representative:

    Christine Carico

  • Education Representatives

    MedEd Representative: 

    Emma Dean


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