Minimum Requirements for Consideration

Potential applicants should meet the following minimum requirements to be considered for admission.

MCAT Score

24 (on your most recent MCAT)
    • Scores from the November 7, 2014 MCAT dates are the latest that will be considered.
    • A 2012 MCAT score is the earliest score considered for the 2015 entering class.

Grade Point Average

There are no minimum grade point averages for consideration for admission; however, you must demonstrate solid knowledge of relevant sciences and the ability to manage a rigorous academic curriculum. You must also have received a "C" or better in all required courses.

Credit Hours

Applicants should report at least 90 hours of undergraduate course credit from an accredited U.S. college or university on the AMCAS application. All requirements to complete current degree programs must be completed by July 1st prior to matriculation. All college majors are considered equally; however, you should consider how your major prepares you for the rigorous science coursework of medical school and how your major will be useful if not accepted to medical school. 


Only U.S. citizens and permanent residents are considered for admission.

Required Undergraduate Courses

General Biology

8 semester hours

  • Embryology and genetics are recommended.
  • Applicants awarded AP or CLEP credit for biology are expected to complete 8 hours of additional advanced biology coursework.
  • Online biology courses are not accepted.
  • Community College biology courses are accepted.

General Chemistry (with lab)

8 semester hours

Organic Chemistry (with lab)

8 semester hours

  • We also accept a 4-semester/term sequence of chemistry that includes general/inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry from schools offering this chemistry course sequence.
  • Applicants awarded AP or CLEP credit for chemistry are expected to complete a chemistry course sequence that includes biochemistry.
  • Biochemistry is strongly recommended for all incoming students.
  • Online and Community College Organic Chemistry courses are not accepted.
  • Online General Chemistry courses are not accepted.
  • Community College General Chemistry courses are accepted.

General Physics (with lab)

8 semester hours

  • We accept AP or CLEP credit for physics.
  • Online Physics courses are not accepted.
  • Community College Physics courses are accepted.

College Mathematics

6 semester hours

  • College level math and/or statistics courses is required .
  • Applicants awarded AP or CLEP credit for calculus may receive 3 hours credit toward meeting the minimum requirement.
  • Courses in statistics or biostatistics are strongly recommended.
  • Computer science courses are not accepted to meet the math requirement.
  • Online and Community College Math courses are accepted.


6 semester hours

  • If your school requires writing composition, literature or interdisciplinary reading and writing intensive courses in lieu of courses that are listed as "English" on the transcript, please indicate in your secondary application the courses on your transcript that you believe meet this requirement.
  • AP and CLEP credit for English courses will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Online and Community College English courses are accepted.

Regarding AP and CLEP credit: For AP or CLEP credit to meet a minimum requirement, college hour or unit credit for a course must appear on your transcript.