MSTP Faculty

MSTP faculty members assist students in various roles as an MSTP Advisor, Rotation Mentor, or a Thesis Mentor. MSTP faculty must hold an appointment in the UAB Graduate School and a primary or secondary appointment in one of the participating graduate departments as well as in one of the Graduate Biomedical Sciences (GBS) interdisciplinary themes.  In addition, faculty must be reviewed and accepted by the MSTPAC before accepting students for the PhD research phase of the program. This review will be based on an application package that documents extramural research support, publication record, prior training record, involvement in training activities, and the support of the department chair for the faculty to take graduate students.  Also considered is involvement in physician scientist training and commitment to the unique aspects that training of MD-PhD students entails.  Allowances are made for newly recruited, young faculty members just starting an independent research program; they will be paired with a senior faculty member acting as an advisor. The foremost criterion for approval is the ability of potential mentors to provide an excellent training experience for MSTP students.

Faculty will be reviewed by the MSTPAC at the time of selection for a summer research rotation. If a faculty member has had a rotation and/or MSTP student in the past 3 years, then they will just undergo administrative review by the MSTP Director and Associate Directors. The administrative review will include current funding status (per the Graduate School) and previous student evaluations of the selected faculty mentor. If the faculty member has not had an MSTP student in the past 3 years, then they will undergo full review by the MSTPAC.

See here for a full list of MSTP-affiliated faculty.