UAB's Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine Graduate Program has been expanded to give students the very best multidisciplinary training within the emerging and exciting field of molecular medicine. Our program provides graduate students the broadest training within the emerging and exciting field of molecular medicine. We have a flexible, didactic, integrated educational program directed by faculty with diverse research interests ranging from molecules to whole organisms and disease processes to new therapies. Students are trained in a broad array of topics by experts in the research field and given hands-on experience during lab rotations.

We also partner with outside groups such as Southern Research and Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology. PBMM students can participate in a GBSO, a vibrant and energetic student community, that not only enriches the graduate school experience, but also promotes leadership and network opportunities that enhance career development. Departmental research facilities are state-of-the-art, and include core facilities for transgenic animals, microarrays, DNA sequencing, flow cytometry, genomics and proteomics, high resolution imaging, peptide synthesis, and X-ray crystallography.

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