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The Adams Grant: a Trainee-Mentored Research Project for Residents and Fellows

The Department of Pathology, generously supported by the Robert B. and Jean G. Adams Foundation, strongly encourages research among its residents and fellows.

Resident and Fellow trainees have the opportunity to enhance their research objectives by undertaking a mentored research project, supported by grants of up to $2,000.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 


  • Current UAB Department of Pathology Residents and Fellows may apply.
  • Applicants must have mentor support from current full-time member of UAB Department of Pathology faculty. This includes requesting a letter of support from mentor, who will submit the Trainee’s application on their behalf.
  • Application must include budget justification. Supplies, small equipment items, hourly charges for usage of UAB Core facility equipment, page charges, research presentation travel arranges, and abstract fee charges are examples of budget requests. No funds are to be used for salary support or construction costs.
  • If accepted, Trainees must provide proof of all expenditures and submit to the Pathology Residency Coordinator for the duration of the project.
  • All grants awarded are for 1 year from the time application is approved, unless a specific extension is requested and approved by the awarding committee.
  • Applications are reviewed by a committee under the direction of UAB’s Director of Pathology Residency Training Program. The committee includes current faculty members and chief residents.
  • The Trainee’s proposal may be subject to rejection status, which will be accompanied by evaluation questions.
  • The Trainee has the opportunity to respond to questions for re‐evaluation of their proposal. If project is approved by committee, the Trainee can begin their project accordingly.

Application Format:

Submit a 1‐2 page application to your mentor, who will then submit it to the Director of the Pathology Residency Trainee Program. Include the following:

  1. Specific Aims (including hypothesis)
  2. Background and Significance
  3. Experimental Methods and Materials
  4. Anticipated Results
  5. References
  6. Cover Letter from Mentor
  7. A Justified Budget

Questions?  Contact:

Monica Henderson, Program Coordinator
E‐mail: mbhenderson@uabmc.edu 
Phone: 205.934.4060

Sandy Cummings, Administrative Supervisor
E-mail: scummings@uabmc.edu
Phone: 205.934.6608

The Ona Faye-Petersen Educational Support Fund

This fund, established in 2019, supports UAB Pathology Residency and Fellowship Trainees' attendance of courses, workshops, and symposia at national and international meetings. These meetings may include multidisciplinary meetings, but preference will be given to Pathology meetings.


Trainees from the Divisions of Anatomic Pathology, Neuropathology, Laboratory Medicine, Forensics, and Genomic Diagnostics and Bioinformatics will be eligible.
The trainee must be a resident or fellow at UAB and attending a national/international meeting in the U.S. Meetings/sessions that qualify would include: anatomic, clinical laboratory, forensic, neuropathologic, dermatopathologic, molecular genetic, and pediatric  pathology sessions, and clinical society meetings offering opportunities for clincopathologic correlates (eg heme-oncology meetings). The fund may not be used for food and lodging fees, transportation costs, or away rotations.

Applications Should Include:

  • Name and PG year of the trainee
  • Name, dates, and location of the meeting
  • Desired course/symposium and date of attendance by the resident or fellow trainee applicant (MD, DO, or MD PhD degree required)
  • 1-2 paragraphs stating the reasons why the individual wishes to attend the educational session under consideration
  • Also required: Confirmation of acceptance of either a poster or a platform presentation at the meeting in question.

A committee chaired by the Department of Pathology Residency Program Director will review applications and determine recipients.

Within 30 calendar days of his/her return, the trainee will submit to the committee a 2-3 paragraph statement reporting specifics about what he/she learned, how he/she will apply the new knowledge, and how he/she might share the newly acquired information with other trainees so that they might also benefit from his/her experience. This information could be presented to the committee in the form of an informal slide session of a few examples of the topic and attendance record; a case study submission with Board-type questions and answers using the information gained posted online for residents with log ins to track usage; or some other educational offering or demonstration.

Questions?  Contact:

Monica Henderson, Program Coordinator
E‐mail: mbhenderson@uabmc.edu 
Phone: 205.934.4060

Sandy Cummings, Administrative Supervisor
E-mail: scummings@uabmc.edu
Phone: 205.934.6608