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The UAB School of Nursing provides support and assistance to MSN and DNP students in securing appropriate clinical placement sites and qualified preceptors from among more than 5,000 clinical affiliates.

The UAB School of Nursing MSN Nurse-Midwifery Pathway equips nurses for advanced nursing practice to provide a full range of women’s health services from adolescence through menopause. Patient care includes gynecologic care, family planning and preconception services, care during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, as well as care of the newborn during the first 28 days of life. Midwives are primary care providers who offer initial and ongoing comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. Nurse-midwives emphasize and utilize respectful shared-decision making with the patient, offer health promotion, disease prevention, and individualized wellness education and counseling. Nurse-Midwives are educated in graduate-level midwifery programs accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education (ACME).

The UABSON Nurse-Midwifery Pathway is pre-accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education (ACME), 200 Duke Street, Suite 300, Alexandria, Virginia 22314, (703) 835-4565, www.theacme.org.

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Nurse-Midwifery Pathway Philosophy

The philosophy for the Nurse-Midwifery Pathway is to share patient-centered, equitable health care, by preparing diverse leaders who excel in practice, scholarship and education for women and families in Alabama, nationally and internationally. The midwifery faculty is dedicated to the development of sound healthcare policies addressing severe maternal and infant morbidity and mortality, which significantly affects the lives of women and their families in the Deep South region of the U.S. Furthermore, the faculty strives to achieve excellence in clinical practices and expanding knowledge through research and scholarly activities.


The purpose of the Nurse-Midwifery Pathway is five-fold:
  1. Prepare safe, beginning midwifery practitioners who are eligible for certification by the Competencies for Basic Midwifery Practice as defined by the American College of Nurse-Midwives, to provide optimal health care.
  2. Prepare effective midwives capable of improving practice through sound clinical judgment, scholarship, research, formulation of health care policy and provision of primary health care to women and newborns.
  3. Improve health care systems through midwifery education, practice and research as outlined in the American College of Nurse-Midwives’ Hallmarks of Midwifery Care.
  4. Establish a theoretical base for sound clinical judgment and scholarly activities.
  5. Articulate recognition of the role of public policy in formulating and developing the midwifery profession and health care services for women and infants on local, state, regional and national levels.

Program Information

  • Program Information

    Admission is limited to Fall entry only.

    Graduates of the MSN Nurse-Midwifery Pathway are prepared to pass the national certification exam administered by the American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB) which allows use of the professional designation “CNM”. Nurse-Midwives are essential healthcare providers for women and newborns to 28 days and are needed to help address disparities in maternal-infant mortality and women’s health outcomes. Nurse-midwives promote normal physiological birth and non-intervention in normal processes but use appropriate interventions and technology when needed. Nurse-midwives work within the context of a healthcare team as an independently recognized professional.

    The Nurse-Midwifery Pathway is offered in a distance accessible format that combines on-line didactic coursework with on-campus intensives and clinical immersions in health care systems.

    The Nurse-Midwifery Pathway curriculum has been pre-accredited by the ACME. The School of Nursing anticipates full accreditation to be granted following graduation of the first class.

    Certification pass rate: first pass rates are expected in 2024.

  • Admission Requirements

    Prospective students must meet the following requirements for admission:

    • Hold a BSN degree from a regionally accredited institution and a nationally accredited nursing program (CCNE or CNEA accreditation), equivalent to the one offered by the UAB School of Nursing.
    • Possess an unencumbered and unrestricted nursing license to practice in the state where you plan to conduct your clinical practicum.
    • Cumulative undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or on the last 60 semester hours.
    • Students with less than a 3.2 GPA (last 60 hours undergraduate GPA or overall undergraduate GPA) are required to complete and submit scores for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or GMAT; only scores completed within the previous 5 years are accepted. Minimum required scores are a combined score of 297 on the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE or score of 480 on the GMAT. Applicants who have successfully completed a graduate degree from a regionally accredited academic institution may receive a waiver for this requirement if they achieved a GPA of 3.0 or higher in their previous graduate degree program. The following individuals are not eligible for the GRE waiver process: International applicants, non-native English speaking applicants, and Dual degree seeking applicants (e.g., MSN/MPH). For more information on the Test Score Waiver process click here.
    • Submit three letters of professional reference attesting to the applicant’s potential for graduate study.
    • Participate in an admission interview conducted by nurse-midwifery faculty.
    • Submit an essay limited to two double-spaced pages focused on why they have chosen nurse-midwifery as an advanced practice specialty concentration.
    • Applicants should submit an official transcript from every college or university they have ever attended (even if for only one semester). Transcripts may be emailed electronically by the issuing institution to the UAB Graduate School at gradschool@uab.edu or mailed to:
      • UAB Graduate School
        LHL G03
        1720 2nd Ave. S.
        Birmingham, AL 35294-0013
    • If admitted to the MSN program, students must show proof of completion of a descriptive statistics course, equivalent to UAB’s MA-180, before starting the program.
  • Program of Study

    Sample Program of Study1

    Year 1
    SemesterCourse TitleCredit Hours
    1NUR 737Q Advanced Leadership Roles3
    NUR 612Q Advanced Pathophysiology3
    NMW 606Q Midwifery Foundations3
    2NUR 735Q Population Health3
    NUR 613Q Advanced Pharmacology3
    NUR 740Q Health Policy3
    3NUR 729Q Evidence-Based Practice3
    NUR 614Q Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning for Advanced Nursing Practice3
    NMW 618QL Focus on Advanced Nursing Practice Specialization - Midwifery3
    Year 2
    SemesterCourse TitleCredit Hours
    4NMW 685QL Nurse-Midwifery Practicum I4 (240 Clinical Hours)
    NMW 621Q Ambulatory Care5
    5NMW 686QL Nurse-Midwifery Practicum II4 (240 Clinical Hours)
    NMW 622Q Intrapartum, Postpartum, Newborn5
    6NMW 692QL Nurse Midwifery Practicum III5 (300 Clinical Hours)
    NMW 623Q Midwifery Integration4
    Total Credit Hours54 credits / 780 Clinical Hours

    1Program of Study is subject to change.

  • State Regulations Governing Distance Programs

    Out-of-state applicants to any of our distance-accessible programs should become familiar with their state’s regulations governing distance accessible programs. Prospective students residing in states other than Alabama should contact their state’s Board of Nursing and Department of Education for specific rules and regulations pertaining to students enrolled in out-of-state programs and are planning to conduct UABSON distance education in their home state. Only those students who reside in Alabama or those states where the UAB School of Nursing programs are available will be eligible to receive an offer of admission.

    More information is available at the State Approval Website for Online Degree Programs at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

  • Application for Admission/Application Deadlines

    Application Deadlines

    Entry Date: Fall 2024
    Deadline: February 14, 2024
  • Outcomes

    Upon completion of the MSN Program, students will be able to:

    • Synthesize research, theoretical formulations, and principles of scientific inquiry to provide evidence-based practice.
    • Assume leadership in managing and evaluating continuous quality improvement processes.
    • Use information systems/technology to evaluate programs of care, outcomes of care, and care systems.
    • Advocate and implement health-care policies that improve access, equity, efficiency, and social justice in the delivery of health care.
    • Provide ethical, culturally sensitive care in an advanced nursing role independently and collaboratively with professionals from multiple disciplines.
    • Monitor the quality of one's own nursing practice based on professional practice standards and relevant statutes and regulations.
    • Apply theories and principles of marketing, economics, consultation, management, and leadership to comprehensively perform an advanced nursing role.
  • Tuition and Fees

    The following tuition and fees are valid for the 2023-2024 academic year. Tuition and fees and are SUBJECT TO CHANGE annually based on approval from the University of Alabama Board of Trustees and/or university.

    The estimates below are based on the costs listed at the UAB Office of Planning and Analysis website.

    Each student’s costs will vary depending upon a number of factors including state of residence, the number of credits taken in a semester, or whether the student attends class live or through a distance-accessible format. Fees vary by program and course.

    Tuition and Fees
    UAB School of Nursing 2023-2024
    Charge ($)
    Charge ($)
    MSN Coursework (distance-accessible format per semester hour)682682
    Fees - UAB School of NursingCost ($)
    Educational Support and Technology Fee (per course)235
    Other Related Expenses (Estimated)Cost ($)
    Books and supplies (estimate per term)600
    Student Hospitalization Insurance Fee1 (estimate per month)270
    Background Check (annual estimate)92
    1 Estimate based on one student. May be waived with documented proof of equal or greater coverage.
  • Information for International Students

    NOTE: Prospective International students must first contact UAB International Admissions to determine eligibility to study in the U.S. and/or submit an application for admission to UAB.

    UAB International Admissions
    Email: IntlAdmin@uab.edu
    Phone: 205.934.4686
    Fax: 205.934.8664

    The table below provides information on eligibility requirements for the MSN Program.

    F1 or J1 Visa AcceptableNot eligible for this program
    College Degree (BSN Equivalent)Required
    Foreign Transcripts EvaluatedRequired
    English ProficiencyRequired
    Graduate Record Exam (GRE)Required
    Licensure as a Registered Nurse in the U.S.Required

    Application Requirements

    • Prospective students must have a bachelors degree in nursing equivalent to that offered by a U.S. regionally accredited educational institution.
    • For Graduate Clinical Programs such as the Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) Program, prospective students must also be licensed as a registered nurse in the U.S., in the state in which they will reside while completing the program.
    • International applicants must, as part of their application, provide a detailed course by course evaluation of their academic transcripts and verification of their academic credentials. Students may use one of the following firms for transcript evaluation; a report of the evaluation must be submitted directly to the UAB School of Nursing prior to admission decisions.
      • Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.
        P.O. Box 514070
        Milwaukee, WI 53203-3470 USA
        Website: www.ece.org
      • World Education Services
        Bowling Green Station
        P.O. Box 5087
        New York, NY 10274-5087 USA
        Website: www.wes.org
    • Applicants must have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale on prior college/university course work.
    • Applicants must complete and submit their scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) as part of the application process. If the GRE was completed prior to application, only scores completed within the previous 5 years are accepted.
    • Completion of a formal admission interview.
    • Meet English language requirements. Students must submit scores on Tests of English Language (TOEFL or IELTS) and achieve the following minimum scores:
      • TOEFL iBT 80 and minimum of 18 in each of the 4 test sections, or
      • IELTS 6.5 and minimum of 6.0 in at least 2 of the 4 test sections.


Charlene Bender

Charlene Bender


MSN Program Manager
Office of Student Success


Sharon Holley

Sharon Holley


Nurse Midwifery Pathway Director