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WHO Collaborating Center for International Nursing

In response to international travel restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we now offer 3 flexible options for international scholars and mentees.

The International Scholars Programs allow select faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and students to gain valuable experience in advancing nursing education, research and practice. We have three programs from which to choose.

Please click on the boxes below for information specific to that program.

  • Aintzane Gallastegui
  • Ong-on Prajankett
  • Chinwendu Agu
  • Melek Talas
  • Bephyer Parey
  • Wipada Sangnimitchaikul
  • Atchanat Wangsom
  • Gulcan Bagcivan
  • Senay Gul
  • Tania Rae
  • Duygu Hicdurmaz
  • Zehra Gok Metin
  • Handan Boztepe
  • Atiye Erbas
  • Gul Pinar
  • Imatulla Akyar
  • Paulina Banda

International Scholars' Programs
Visiting Scholars Program (IVS-1)
On US campus-site
Travel required
Virtual Scholars Program (IVS-2)
Distance accessible
No travel required
Mentorship Program (IMP)
Intensive virtual mentorship
Travel optional