Q: What is the application process for an associate’s degree prepared registered nurse, RN?
A: This student would first apply for undergraduate admission to the university. Once accepted into the university, the student submits their application to the School of Nursing.

Q: How does a student apply for the RN-BSN-MSN program?
A: The application process is similar to RN-BSN through the undergraduate courses. During the last term of the BSN, the student applies to the master’s program.  A student may apply to the master's program while still completing BSN course work.  The BSN degree must be completed before MSN admission may be granted. 

Q: How are my prerequisites determined?
A: If you can obtain unofficial copies of your transcript(s), the recruiter would be happy to review to determine what, if any, general studies requirements you might need to complete before beginning the RN Mobility program. Contact information: Gail Holmes Recruiter / Program Manager UAB School of Nursing - NB 201B 1720 2nd Avenue South Birmingham, AL 35294-1210 Email: gmholmes@uab.edu Phone: 205-934-3534 Fax: 205-934-5490

Q: Do you have an LPN-BSN program?
A: We do not have a LPN-BSN program.

Q: Can you take courses online?
A: If you have completed all pre-requisites, the RN-BSN courses are all online. If you need to complete any prerequisites, we offer some of the courses online and will work with you to find classes in your area or available online at other universities.