Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing


The PhD in Nursing at UAB is designed to prepare nurses as researchers, scholars, and leaders who will make a substantive contribution to the science of nursing.  The PhD builds on preparation at either the master's or baccalaureate level. PhD graduates are prepared to continue the trajectory towards becoming independently funded investigators whose work will ultimately improve healthcare outcomes for all patients

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To apply to the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing pathway, go to the Application available through the UAB Graduate School. 

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About the PhD


In line with the AACN report "The Research-Focused Doctoral Program in Nursing: Pathways to Excellence", the PhD Nursing is designed to be a research intensive experience.  Students are strongly encouraged to attend full time and to collaborate with funded SON faculty.  Currently, 11 PhD full-time students are fully funded and working on a research team with their mentors.  The cost of tuition and fees can be covered for all students, both full and part-time.  Sources of support may come from a wide array of resources - NIH, HRSA, UAB Scholarships, UAB SON, etc.

It is through immersion in a research project that PhD students learn the multitude of skills and techniques required for the successful completion of a dissertation.  In addition, UAB is notable for a wide variety of interdisciplinary research centers and collaborations including the CCTS and the Comprehensive Cancer Center, who welcome participation from School of Nursing doctoral students.

AreasAreas of Science

Mentoring is at the heart of the PhD student experience. Applicants are encouraged to browse the Faculty Research Interest Pages to become familiar with our faculty's research expertise and identify those which most closely match their own research interests. We invite you to explore our currently funded research projects that are broken-out into our four core Areas of Science.

Chronic Illness    Health Disparities  
Intervention Research   Patient Safety & Nursing Work Environment



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