Honors & Scholars Programs

Honors and Scholars Programs

The School of Nursing provides opportunities to engage and challenge those students who wish to pursue a more demanding academic experience, and to identify and reward those students who begin their college career at the university. These programs are taught by faculty members who are known for their excellence in teaching, research, and service.

Nursing Honors Program

Nursing Honors Program


Provide research experiences that engage students, faculty, and staff with the community to identify and meet community needs and to enhance academic engagement.


Acceptance into the Nursing Honors Program requires the student to:

  • Earn a 3.40 GPA in BSN Foundation courses
  • Earn a 3.00 GPA UAB and overall
  • Submit the Honors Program Application Form
  • Be selected by Honors Committee from application, transcript evaluation, and interview
*BSN, Second Degree BSN, and RN-BSN Mobility students are all eligible for participation in the Nursing Honors Program.



  • Maintenance of a 3.00 GPA (UAB) and a 3.25 GPA in nursing courses through graduation
  • Completion of a minimum of 7 credit hours designated for honors clinical courses/seminars
  • Participation in three Honors seminars to include completion of an honors service learning project
  • A formal written report in the form of a scholarly paper based on the honors service learning project
  • An oral or poster presentation at a designated meeting in the School of Nursing, professional meeting or scientific session


Students who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate of acknowledgement at the UAB Honors Convocation and will graduate “With Honors in Nursing.” Students who participate in both the UAB Honors program and the School of Nursing Honors program will graduate “With University Honors in Nursing”.

The UAB Honors in Nursing Program endeavors to offer specific students enrichment opportunities beyond the traditional courses. Comprised of three courses that encompass seven credit hours, the Honors in Nursing Program involves no additional credit requirements. Instead, successful completion of the three courses substitutes for a required generic course in informatics and research and a required nursing elective course. During the three semesters of the honors sequence, students will participate in seminars that will a) explore the informatics and research content necessary to a nursing career; b) help them to identify a problem, issue, or concern that each student wants to examine in depth; and c) facilitate the planning and implementation of a project to address this personally-identified area of interest.

The strategy chosen for this enrichment opportunity is service learning, because the essential three elements to this approach strengthen and reinforce within each student the above developmental goals. As a part of enhanced academic learning, the Honors service learning experience offers students the opportunity to explore in depth the theories, concepts, literature and published research about the specific area of interest to the individual student. Students are guided with the help of faculty and mentors to integrate and apply knowledge from scholarly literature to the project area while providing meaningful service to a specific agency. The partner-agency generally provides services or resources to populations or target groups that have specific needs that relate to the student’s area of interest, and a broad range of non-profit agencies are potential candidates for partnership. The student works closely within the agency’s context to help the agency as it strives to provide, evaluate, and improve its services to its target group. In this collaborative effort, the student actively engages in purposeful civic learning as he or she participates in activities within and through the agency’s interaction with the larger community. This civic learning helps students explore the cultural, economic, and political factors influencing healthcare delivery.

For more information and/or admission to the Nursing Honors Program, please contact:

Shannon Morrison, PhD, CRNP, FNP-BC
Associate Professor and Coordinator of Honors in Nursing
UAB School of Nursing
Telephone: (205) 996-7841
Email: samorris@uab.edu

We acknowledge the Endowed Fund for Nursing Undergraduate Honors

in Honor of Kristen Celia and Gerald Leon Wallace, Jr.

Established by Celia A. Wallace, February 4, 2005

Dean's Nursing Scholar Program

UAB Dean's Nursing Scholar Program

Designed for academically talented high school seniors who are strongly considering a career in nursing

Insures admission
to the world-class UAB School of Nursing for:

  • Entering Freshman
  • Successful completion of the required undergraduate prerequisite foundation and core classes
  • A minimum BSN Foundation GPA of 3.2
  • An overall GPA of 3.0 is required for entry into the upper division nursing courses


  • A high school senior with a composite ACT score of 24 or above or a composite SAT score of 1090
  • A minimum high school grade point average of 3.2  
  • Admission through the UAB Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Application Process

    • Complete admission process through the UAB Office of Undergraduate Admissions
    • UAB must receive the official high school transcript by the posted deadline
    • UAB School of Nursing will confirm qualifications with the university admissions office
    • Qualified applicants will receive an offer of admission and a letter for the Dean's Nursing Scholars program 
    • Note: Students that retake the ACT/SAT or increase their high school grade point average to meet the Dean’s Scholar requirements will receive a letter to become a Dean’s Scholar once the official test scores or grade documents arrive.



The composite ACT or SAT score, the applicant's high school academic grade point average (computed on subjects required for undergraduate admission to UAB), and all additional application materials will be used in the selection process for the UAB Dean's Nursing Scholars Program.

3.5 Year Plan

3.5 Year Nursing Plan

- For students applying for the UAB Dean's Nursing Scholars Program
- For High School students with more than 15 credit hours of AP or Dual Enrollment credit taken in High School

Application to UAB before December 1st for priority consideration, and applications will be accepted through May 1st of a student’s senior year of high school on a space-available basis.


The composite ACT or SAT score, the applicant's high school academic grade point average (computed on subjects required for undergraduate admission to UAB), number and scores on AP and DE courses and all additional application material will be used in the selection process for the UAB Dean's Nursing Scholars 3.5 Year Program.