Donate to the Sick Time Donation Pool to help employees in need

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sick leave donation pool streamUAB's Sick Time Donation Pool currently has a negative number of hours available for UAB employees during times of need.

The Sick Time Donation Pool Program was established to enable eligible university and UAB Hospital employees, as well as retirees, to contribute a portion of their available sick leave to the leave pool to benefit employees who have no more than five accrued leave days to their credit.

To participate, see the Sick Time Donation Policy and Sick Time Donation Procedures to determine eligibility requirements for both donating and receiving sick time donations. The practice of employee-to-employee sick time donations also is available.

To donate sick time to the Sick Time Donation Pool, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Leaves of Absence webpage.
  2. Click the Sick Time Donations button.
  3. Select "I would like to Donate Sick Time."
  4. Carefully read and complete form.
  5. Click "Certify and Submit" to finalize your donation.