Voluntary benefits to be offered during open enrollment

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Eligible employees of UAB, UAB Hospital and UAB Hospital Management LLC may choose voluntary benefits during the annual open enrollment Oct. 20-Nov. 6. In addition to the health, dental and vision benefits, UAB employees also will have the option to select insurance to cover accidents and identity theft and/or participate in a pet-care discount program during open enrollment. These programs are wholly voluntary and paid for by employees and can be canceled at any time.

Accident insurance

Accident insurance provides supplemental financial support to cover out-of-pocket expenses and more for policyholders and family members who become injured while not on the job.

Aflac coverage offers high and low options for benefits following accidental bodily damage sustained from an unforeseen and unexpected traumatic event that is not the result of disease or bodily infirmity. The cash payments are made directly to the insured, regardless of any other medical insurance.

These can offer fixed benefit payments associated with three primary areas:

  • Expenses associated with the initial accident, such as testing, treatment, ambulance transport, prescriptions and more.
  • Benefits for hospitalization including short and extended stays, intensive and/or step-down care and lodging for family members.
  • Aftercare benefits include those for follow-up treatment, medical equipment needed for mobility, rehabilitation services, physical, occupational or speech therapy and more.

A full copy of the policy and stipulations and monthly rates are available in UAB for Me portal.

Protection against identity theft

Allstate Identity Protection provides identity-theft and credit-monitoring services that enable the company to identify ways in which you may be at risk and help you take precautions against fraud and identify it as it happens rather than after the damage is done. You can choose from a menu of features and activate only those you want and receive monthly status reports, plus a free annual credit report.

The policy will reimburse your out-of-pocket costs should you fall victim to fraud, including the costs to file reports or place freezes, legal defense expenses and lost wages and more incurred as a result of resolving the fraud. The benefit is available to those with a Social Security Number, so it can be extended to cover a spouse or children or even a deceased family member. Policyholders have 24/7 access to customer care and resolution team members.

A full copy of the policy and stipulations and monthly rates are available in UAB for Me portal.

Benefits for pets

Pet Benefit Solutions includes a combined veterinary discount plan and a prescription savings plan to participants with single or multiple pets. Access to a pet helpline staffed by veterinary experts and pet-recovery services for cats and dogs also is included.

Pet Assure veterinary discount plan: Pet Assure is a discount plan that can provide 25% savings on in-house medical services when using network veterinarians. Eligible services range from well visits and immunizations to dental cleaning or emergency or surgical care.

Because Pet Assure is not insurance, there are no forms to fill out, no waiting for reimbursements and no denials of coverage — even pets with pre-existing conditions are accepted — and no age limits apply. See a list of Birmingham-area participating veterinarians online.

PetPlus prescription savings plan: Receive members-only pricing on brand-name scripts, flea/tick products, vitamins/supplements, heartworm preventatives and prescription food.

A full copy of the policy and stipulations and monthly rates are available in UAB for Me portal.